Lim campaigns for ‘students first’

Eli Ridder | The Post

IGNITE presidential candidate Allisa Lim is prioritizing students on her campaign platform and will be working towards increasing opportunities for her peers if elected, she told the Post late on Wednesday.

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Elections 2018

“#STUDENTSFIRST is what my campaign will be this year as a candidate for President,” Lim, who is currently the vice president for Humber College’s Lakeshore, said in a written statement.

Lim, 20, highlighted her experience as vice president, saying that she has learned how to “effectively plan and execute projects”, as well as understanding the “difference between advocating and putting [things into] motion.”

The third year Business Administration student used her Free Menstrual Project campaign on campus as an example of her organizational skill.

“A huge part of the president position is also knowing how to manage a team, guiding executives throughout their projects and being a connection between IGNITE and administration of Humber and Guelph-Humber,” Lim told the Post.

Lim explained that she has learned from her own experience and of that of past IGNITE presidents regarding how effectively manage an executive group.

Platform of ‘opportunities’

When broken down, Lim described her platform for IGNITE as one aimed at “increased opportunities on campus.”

Lim gave examples including “allowing students to have more opportunities to gain experience and have a voice in academics, committees, student leadership…and community.”

“My next part of the platform is expanding the current menstrual hygiene project by ensuring that it is improved and permanent.”

Lim also plans to incorporate a “wider variety of items for student use”, and tackle the issues surrounding financial stress.

IGNITE ‘always open’

When asked if IGNITE is still effective despite previous controversy, Allisa Lim said that the two-year-old combined Humber College University of Guelph-Humber student association still puts students first.

“IGNITE puts in continuous efforts in several areas to ensure that students are getting the best of their experience,” the vice president said.

“IGNITE is always open to hear the concerns and questions of students and understand the importance of getting back to them.”

Lim said that the student association puts in a “lot of effort” to ensure that it is as transparent as possible to students across the campuses under its jurisdiction.

“There are Board of Directors meetings held once every month where students are invited to sit in the meeting and observe the discussion,” Lim explained.

The Humber College student also cited IGNITE’s Annual General Meeting as another transparency effort where students are invited to approve a proposed budget for the next year.

“I truly have a passion and experience to advocate and represent students for the betterment of their time at Humber and Guelph-Humber.”

More Elections coverage to follow. Image of Allisa Lim’s campaign posters from the Post. 

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