Conservative kicked from Canadian parliament

A Conservative Party Member of Parliament, Blake Richards, was expelled from the House of Commons on Thursday for excessive heckling. 

It was during another loud question period over federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s personal holdings that Speaker Geoff Regan ordered the Sgt.-at-arms to remove Mr. Richard’s from the Commons.

Canadian media reports he was offered a choice to come to order or leave from Mr. Regan initially, then asked: “which would you prefer?”

After a brief moment of silence, Richards was then kicked out of the parliament.

He will be able to return Friday without consequence beyond Thursday’s expulsion, joining a short list of 43 MPs that have been kicked from the House since 1913.

The House of Commons Procedure and Practice guide makes clear that when the speaker carries out the discipline of “naming”, it is a “coercive measure of last resort”.

Usually the speaker addresses MPs by their constituency or title, but not by their last name. However, when “naming” occurs, the chair will call the MP out by name.

In the past when this has occurred, it has typically been when MPs fail to retract allegations of falsehoods, cover-ups or misleading the parliament, according to CBC News.

A Member of Parliament has not kicked out since 2002, when Bloc Québécois’ Yvan Loubier was expelled for refusing to withdraw the word of “liar”.

The issue of Mr. Morneau’s holdings in the family business has dominated question period for weeks, especially through Conservative hammering.

Morneau said he has consistently followed the advice of the ethics commissioner and even recently gave up millions of share in Morneau-Sheppard, a finance company.

More details to follow. Image 1 of Speaker Geoff Regan. 


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