Four sperm whales die in Indonesia


Ten sperm whales washed up ashore a beach in the Indonesian province of Aceh. Locals managed to save six of the large animals, but the remaining four were not so lucky.

The whaled became beached on Monday and drew in a large crowd of spectators, as well as a large amount of people that came to try and save these animals. The rescuers tried things like tying ropes to the tails of the whales to pull them back into the sea.

As mentioned earlier, six whales were saved, but four were not and this is possibly due to the lack of equipment and experience and from the locals according to a statement by the head of the Aceh Nature Conservation Agency, Sapto Aji Prabowo.

Prabowo did, however, add that this was a good lesson for rescuers and people as “Aceh is a crossing point for marine mammals” and that they should be more prepared to help animals in the future with more equipment.

As to why the whales ended up on the beach, Prabowo stated that “Usually, sperm whales will avoid going into deep water if they’re sick. Two of them were sick. So, we assume the leaders were sick and the others automatically followed them to the beach,” and that one had wounds on its body that appeared to have been inflicted by a coral reef.

More details to follow. Image 1 from AFP.

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