Key Trudeau aide linked to tax havens

Amid a massive leak reported by the investigative journalism body on Sunday, dubbed the “Paradise Papers”, a key aide to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was linked to offshore tax schemes that may have cost Ottawa millions.

Stephen Bronfman, officially the Liberal Party’s chief fundraiser, is a close friend of the prime minister and significant force for Mr Trudeau’s rise to power from party leadership candidate to PM.

But now Mr Bronfman could bring embarrassment to Trudeau, who has made clear his stance against tax havens for the wealthy.

The leak released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists released 13.4 million records mostly from offshore firm Appleby on some 130 politicians, businessman and celebrities.

However, the aide’s lawyer said that there were no deals to evade tax and all financial actions were legal.

The leak also revealed that Queen Elizabeth II’s wealth is kept overseas.

The investigative reporting on Bronfman is being spearheaded by CBC News in cooperation with ICIJ.

There has been no comment from Trudeau at this time.

More details to follow. Image 1 of Stephen Bronfman from iPolitics.

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